The NYU School of
Professional Studies

Established in 1934, the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) has fostered a rich tradition of serving the City and the world, by educating and enlightening students who are just beginning on their career path, as well as those who are seasoned veterans. We strive to look ahead, empowering individuals to pursue their dreams and exceed their expectations.

We’re Here
For You

Whatever stage you are in, whether just deciding or already graduating, our priority is your professional success. Our team of success managers guides you as you advance through our bootcamps, and the Career Outcomes team is waiting to help you advance your career upon completion of the course.*

Partnership with ThriveDX

Our accelerated programs are powered by our partner, ThriveDX, which helps to reskill and upskill individuals and prepare them for today’s fast-growing digital economy. With over a decade of experience as the world’s premier digital skills education provider, ThriveDX works with top-tier academic institutions, government organizations, and global enterprises to offer advanced workforce and professional development programs in digital technology.

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Emerge With
The Skills
& Knowledge
To Succeed

The NYU SPS Digital Skills Bootcamps ensures the curriculum is constantly adapting and updating to reflect what’s going on in the industry today. The comprehensive program covers all the trends, techniques, and tools used in the industry, providing individuals with the skill set to advance to a wide range of career paths and the professional direction that is right for them. This continuing education program is offered by the NYU School of Professional Studies.

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